Vegans – another threat to nature

>> Sunday, January 18, 2009

Other than deforestation, urbanization, pollution and population explosion there is another cause for ecological imbalance being caused by these so called “vegetarians” in human. I should start writing an article or story about “An omnivore turned itself to pretend like an herbivore”.

For being against nature, we can easily relate vegans with transsexuals, gays and lesbians.
But they are in majority who’d be a threat for themselves at certain conditions. You’ll understand this statement at the end of this article.

Now you’ll say I’m a murderer who kills animals for food. Well, let me tell you something. If you don’t eat them, nature will eat you through ecological imbalance.
Even in government there is no rule against a non vegetarian, but for rare species you can’t kill them and eat them. But fish, mutton, chicken, beef which are coming from the surplus species which need to be hunted in any form to maintain the ecological balance by achieving the survival of fittest concept. You won’t survive if you let them survive.

Being a vegan is like a lion accusing another lion for murdering 97 people who entered the forest. That seems funny.

A circus owner who is a vegan can’t survive if he insists the same for his animals. Even a cat can never survive without meat. Pet lovers, are you vegans or what?

Naturally human teeth and gastric juices determine that we can eat meat. You can’t say we can survive without meat, mean how about the people living in a coastal habitat? They can’t get a nitrogenous food in there better than fish.

During war and famines we have no time and chance to differentiate between vegans and non vegans and that is meaningless too.

Even Cannibalism is still not a crime in any country. How many of us knew this? Then how could you consider eating animals is a crime?

Jeffrey Dahmer, Armin Meiwes and Albert Fish were accused only for the murder and not for eating the victims.

By any chance, if you are deserted for months in an abandoned island with no food with unknown species of plants what will you do? You need to rely on animals or else you need to rely on fish. If you still can’t get any food, you need to kill your buddies. At last you need to go for auto-cannibalism. This kind of danger won’t happen to the most of us. But have happened to people in history.
As Ted Turner, the CNN founder predicted, in the face of climate change, those left to survive will resort to cannibalism. At times our vegan brothers will starve to death for sure.


Civilized Vs. Animal

>> Sunday, December 14, 2008

I’m having the talent to survive without your so called “god/?” in this world, while you don’t have. Pity on you.

At the same time, I’m not an intellectual to come to a conclusion about origin of life very soon, while our fellow scientists are experimenting to find some truth behind it to reveal the mysteries around us. But religious people are great intellectuals having a conclusion about science, I agree. Jealous on you.

I keep on evolving, while you keep on believing.

If you believe in “fate”, I call it “probability”.

In common, there is no big difference happening in between the life of people who believe in god and who don’t.

To be more specific, there is big difference happening in the world by people who believe in god and who don’t.

People who believe in god always fight for their god/? and kill other human while non believers don’t. This is happening all the time in the whole world.
Their holy books never allow women’s liberation, while non believers never bother about controlling women.
90% of the scientists and philosophers are non believers, rest are Romans when they are in Rome.
90% of the saints are fraudulent.
99% of the terrorists are believers fighting for their beliefs.
100% of the mass murdering leaders are believers.
Every religion looks another as an enemy and so the belonging people in there. So that the Gandhis in India were assassinated in the name of God/?.

If your god really answers your prayers, please request him/her/it/? to stop the violence on behalf of him/her/it/?.

If you are proud and happy to be a believer, because of some help provided to you by a charity or a funding in the name of god, well, that is good. But it is like being proud to be
the son or daughter of Hitler or Osama for raising them in a good way.

If God/? is hope, God/? is love or God/? is science for you, then that is absurd. There is no point in replacing god in the place of good words. Let them be, Hope is hope, Love is love and Science is science.

If you believe in a personal god/?, it’s nothing but another unusual fantasy or a practice inside a human like phobia or mental disorder or whatever a psychiatrist can say, but still you are depending on them by using the word “god/?”.

No Education teaches God/?. Education is better in preaching you the moralities of life than a religion does.

No creature prays, kills/dominates/oppress its own species in the name of God/? except you .

Culture has nothing to do with religion, because culture undergoes evolution frequently, while religion doesn’t want to.

A few days before, you believed that earth is flat. Yesterday science rewrote it as earth is spherical. Now if you agree this, you’ll agree everything in the near future. Or else come and show me the four corners of the earth.

After reading this if you decide, I belong to some group, I’m hurting your sentiments, I believe in something/somebody blindly and I’m forcing you to believe me then you’re wrong. I believe in myself than any other thing. Sentiments are nothing but the feel when people are used to something for a long time from their early life to till date. Even cannibals got sentiments in their beliefs. For a human being to realize and come out of the shell, it will take sometime according to the level of reasoning power and analytical mind inside the brain and how he overtakes it. That shows how much civilized a human is.

Being a barbarian or a civilized is in your hands. You can’t say you are not one among the violent, arrogant, barbaric, slavery, when standing inside that circle. Break the hand cuffs and come out. Or else it means that an animal is still hiding inside you, which want you to join Al Qaeda or Shiv Sena at any moment to fight and create borders in between the human race in the form of religion. Hence, I’m civilized. You are the animal.


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